Radiological Research Trust

A registered charity (No: 292828)

to see what is happening beneath
the skin is like seeing in the dark

The Radiological Research Trust was registered with the Charity Commission (registration number 2922828) in October 1985. The Trust was set up to raise funds and distribute grants for research and education in Radiology, in response to the severe lack of funding for such a key medical field as radiology.                                                                                             

**** Breaking News**** Funding for UK and International Conferences

The Radiological Research Trust is offering grants up to £1,000 for travel and accommodation to those who want to present at relevant conferences in the UK or internationally. To apply for this funding please send an email to by 21 September 2011 including the following information. Your name, position, institution, conference name, location and date, advise us whether an abstract has been submitted (please include if you have), let us know if this abstract has been accepted, indicate presentation type - poster, electronic poster or talk.

Radiology has been used for medical purposes for over a century and remains a cornerstone of medicine. It can be used for not only diagnostic but also therapeutic purposes. Physicians use the information gained through radiological imaging to diagnose, treat and monitor injuries and diseases.

Radiology is critical to advancements in medicine and therefore ultimately the care which hospitals can provide you, their patients.

Twenty-five years on the aims of the Trust remain steadfast in providing critical funding to such an important specialty of medicine. Demand for funding remains high and the Trust remains committed to supporting some of the most exciting research in the field.

Why the work of the Radiological Research Trust is so important to support:

  • The Trust disburses grants up to a maximum of £5,000. Therefore whether you give £10 or £100 your donation will make a significant difference. It could help inspire and develop critical radiological developments that will touch the lives of millions for many years to come. 

  • There are very few charities in the UK which radiologists can seek grants from at the early stages of their research. This means without the support of the Trust many innovative ground breaking projects would never come to fruition.

  • Progress in radiology always brings about advancements in other areas of medicine, therefore impact and legacy of your support is significant and in many cases will occur during your life.

  • However minor the broken bone or however severe the cancer, radiology is one area of medicine that touches the lives of almost everyone in the UK, however young or old. Your support will have significant impact UK wide.

  • The Trust has a history of supporting research projects in their early stages, which then go on to create significant breakthroughs.

  • The Trust relies entirely on voluntary funding so without your support we cannot fund this key area of medicine in its early stages of research.

Why the work of the Radiological Research Trust is so important:

  • Supporting research can not only lead to the enrichment of patients lives but can also have a positive impact on the state of the economy.

  • In order for research to gain significant levels of funding and make a real impact in medicine, the researchers need to have demonstrated robust data and findings at an early stage, which is the stage the Trust is committed to supporting with your help.

  • Research is a key weapon in tackling some of the immense challenges that medicine presents to our society.

  • Support from donors in medical research can encourage greater investment from the corporate sector.